Smartmatic empowers participatory democracy in Chile

London, United Kingdom - June 30, 2015 - Last Monday, June 29, Smartmatic helped citizens from the Buin commune in Chile to decide on how to allocate a budget of 200 million pesos among several projects. The election was the seventh edition of a participatory democracy initiative called "I opine", which puts citizens at the forefront of decision making.

Using the SAES-3377 voting machines, citizens from Santiago 14 years of age and older expressed their preferred 3 choices for the budget. Our technology was implemented in one of the 10 polling centres available in the commune. According to authorities, thousands of people cast a vote during the plebiscite.

Commenting on the positive experience using Smartmatic technology, the mayor of Buin, Angel Bozan, said: "The voting machines have been friendly to use. People select their preferences using a large touch screen and the machine provides a paper copy of the vote that can be deposited in the urn. It is efficient, quick and transparent, which is what we are most interested in".

Luis Vecchi, Smartmatic sales president for the region, said "This project is a clear example of how our technology can help societies move toward more participatory models of democracy. We're enabling the continuous flow of opinion between citizens and their governments, which is one of our corporate objectives".

Buin is located in the Maipu Province, which forms part of Greater Santiago. Its total population exceeds 90 thousand.