Smartmatic: 32 elections in 9 countries in 2022


Smartmatic deployed technologies and services to support officials managing various types of elections

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Smartmatic's response to misinformation11/14/2020

Smartmatic’s secure election system software has processed more than 5 billion votes over 20 years and has never been breached.

Smartmatic's online voting expert on CNBC09/29/2020

Michael Summers makes the case for online voting in the United States and abroad.

Smartmatic’s Ed Smith Featured Expert on Firewall Chats Podcast09/24/2020

Watch an interesting podcast to get Ed Smith’s insights on cybersecurity in elections.

Smartmatic Premier Partner AirLabs Recognized for COVID-19 Technology07/16/2020

Airlabs is transforming how we understand, clean and control air and air flows.

Webinar Provided Science-Based Strategies for Safe In-Person Voting06/29/2020

Auburn University webinar video about election administration now available.