VIU Handheld

finger print registration/verification with the VIU HnadheldVoter has her photo taken at polling plPoll worker holding the VIU Handheld

Efficient, portable biometric voter verification device

Our VIU Handheld (Voter Information Unit) supports election commissions with the optimization of their voter management processes. However, the unit can also be used during Election Day to support poll workers with the execution of their critical responsibilities.

The VIU Handheld is a biometric verification device used to reliably validate a voter’s identity during Election Day.

The unit is portable, cost-efficient and has a power autonomy of up to 14 hrs. Thanks to its connectivity and the collection of information, the VIU Handheld allows election officials to monitor, and manage polling stations more efficiently. Real-time information allows for improved control and timely action.