Woman using electronic tablet touchscreen to select candidates and cast her vote.

Delivering accessibility. Ensuring integrity

Our online voting solution, TIVI, has been specifically engineered to address the unique challenges of remote voting, ensuring:

  • Streamlined, cost-effective access to ballots and voting materials;
  • Immediate receipt of completed ballots from anywhere in the world;
  • Voter privacy and vote secrecy;
  • Elimination of vote tampering;
  • Mitigation of voter coercion;
  • Increased transparency and integrity.

TIVI was conceived and engineered by globally recognized experts in election technology, identity management, information security, cybersecurity and verifiable cryptography. This team developed the Estonian online voting solution, which has been used in every nationwide elections since 2005.

TIVI – The Technology of Trust

TIVI has been engineered using ‘best of breed’ technologies and security practices to support the democratic principles of election integrity.

Eligibility – TIVI supports a wide range of identity management and authentication solutions to ensure that only eligible voters can access the system and cast votes.

Privacy – Application-level vote encryption and cryptographic vote shuffling provide absolute voter privacy and anonymity.

Security – Vote security is protected by multi-layered physical and logical security processes, which prevent vote tampering and fraud, and ensure vote protection.

Transparency – TIVI offers a range of processes and artefacts, which improve election transparency above and beyond traditional paper-based election processes.

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