Female poll worker using a smartphone to take picture of a tally report.

Fast and trustworthy results processing for manual elections

SmartTally equips poll workers in polling stations and operators in consolidation centers with technology to securely and accurately collect, transmit, and consolidate paper tally reports and provide accurate results.

SmartTally App

  • An intuitive mobile app enables authorized poll workers to easily digitize polling station tally reports in real-time.
  • Transmitted tallies are digitally signed before transmission to provide accountability.
  • The app can also be used to train poll workers and to provide progress updates during Election Day.

SmartTally Desktop

  • With the Desktop app, authorized users can easily digitize tally reports, either from polling stations or from regional collection centers. 

SmartTally Web

  • The SmartTally solution for consolidation centers is a web-based system that helps users type-in paper tally reports for fast, and accurate processing and verification.

The SmartTally solution is one of the modules of our Election Management Platform (EMP), which prepares, delivers and manages all the information necessary to conduct an election.