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Smartmatic is the world leader in secure election technology. We support election management bodies with delivering accurate and transparent elections that are cybersecure protecting the integrity of election processes from start to finish.

The World Leader in Secure Election Technology

Smartmatic offers a comprehensive portfolio of cybersecure technologies and tools to automate and safeguard every stage of an election. Click on the images below to find out more about our solutions.

Benefit from our experience delivering election events in more than 30 countries. Besides hardware and software deployment, we provide a full suite of customized services to ensure your election project is successful. Learn more.

How Smartmatic Supports Election Officials Worldwide

Applying Cybersecurity to Deliver World-Class Elections

More than 6.5 Billion Votes with Zero Breaches

Cybersecurity is a complex field with hundreds of subsets. Applied cybersecurity is even more specialized. No company in the world has spent the time and research dollars that Smartmatic has developing applied cybersecurity for elections and other mission-critical government applications.

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Vote Anywhere

Vote Anywhere Technology Maximizes Turnout

High voter participation is a sign of a healthy democracy. The best way to encourage voter turnout is to simply make voting more convenient. Smartmatic technology does just that.

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