Los Angeles County: VSAP voting system is a model for the 21st Century

In 2022, the VSAP system again proved itself to be the user-friendly, accurate and secure solution for LA County elections

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United States: Innovation helping 35 million voters in more than 50 elections

Smartmatic has partnered with 300 jurisdictions, including 2 of the largest, and delivered innovations to improve accuracy and efficiency

Argentina: Securing voter authentication with biometrics

Authorities hired Smartmatic to furnish a solution that would enable poll workers to swiftly manage voter authentication

Armenia: Biometrics improve the speed and accuracy of voter authentication

Biometric solutions enabled poll workers across the country to quickly and accurately verify voters’ identities

Lombardy: Italy’s first fully automated election in country’s most populous region

Smartmatic provided 24,700 voting machines, support services, warehousing, and logistics for Lombardy’s 7.8 million voters

Philippines: Island nation hosts world’s largest elections using vote-counting machines

Innovative election technology deployments have positioned the Asian country at the forefront of election automation since 2008