Venezuela: World’s first national election using e-Voting with paper trail (2004-2017)

We’ve been working closely with the country’s electoral authority, the CNE, since 2004, when we won a bid to provide Venezuela with a reliable voting system designed around the idea that all parties can audit it at every stage.

Perfecting the world’s best voting system

We’re proud to say that features of our voting system in this country, particularly the paper voting receipt, have gone on to influence others around the world.

Nobel Prize-winner and ex US President, Jimmy Carter, whose Carter Center has observed over 92 elections in 38 countries, has called it ‘the best voting system he’s ever known’.

Notable achievements

2012 – First ever nationwide election with biometric voting session activation. Automatically activating voting with people’s biometric information can deter voter impersonation and ensure the one voter/one vote principle.

2004 – First nationwide election with paper trail.

Venezuelan elections

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