The Philippines 2013: the largest automated election ever taken - Scope

  • 164,400 compact flash memory cards for secure election data storage
  • 80,916 SAES-1800 precinct counting machines deployed in most of the 7,100 islands comprising the archipelago nation.
  • 48,000 modems and 46,000 SIM cards used for direct transmission of election returns
  • Over 36,000 schools functioned as voting centres, all pre-screened for quality of network signals, power availability – and other logistical concerns
  • 5,853 spare machines for contingencies
  • 5,000 mobile BGAN satellite antennas and 680 VSATs to transmit results in polling and totalling centres with little or no cellular coverage
  • 1,684 totalling and consolidation servers and printers
  • 600 tech support agents located in the National Support Center during election day for monitoring the entire process and for remote support to the technicians in the field
  • Two data centres (with redundancy capabilities) to backup results.