Mexico 2009 - 2011: Biometric Registration to Improve the country’s civil registry - Services

In addition to the technology, Smartmatic also supplied system integrator services, deployed the kits and trained personnel. As is the always the case, these services guaranteed our client, the SEGOB, could use their system by the required date.

Kit set up

Smartmatic configured each individual component to integrate them as a whole in the registration kit. In doing so, we guaranteed everything worked together perfectly.

Pre-deployment testing

Alongside SEGOB technicians, we also performed strict quality control tests before deploying the kits throughout Mexico.


When the registration kits were ready, we took them from central storage to the locations assigned by the SEGOB. Whilst the kits’ carry cases were extremely rugged, it was vital we treated the equipment inside gently. Taking responsibility for distribution in this way helped us ensure that the kits arrive un-damaged – and in perfect working order.

Pre-registration testing

On arrival at their pre-specified locations, we checked all kits with more tests. Our rigorous quality control ensured everything was ready for registration.


To ensure the high quality of the overall solutions, we also trained the personnel in charge of operating the registration kits, to make sure they knew how to use them properly.

We’re not a technology vendor as such. We always provide as much of an integrated, end-to-end solution as we can – and that includes services to operate our hardware and software. This is how we’re able to guarantee quality and successful outcomes.