Philippines: Island nation hosts world’s largest elections using vote-counting machines

A Technology Solution for the Philippines

Smartmatic has deployed in the Philippines a whole suite of innovative election technology that has positioned the Asian country in the forefront of election automation.


The best-in-class vote counting machine made its Philippine debut in 2016, and has since been key to the unprecedented accuracy, transparency, and credibility of the country’s elections.


Comprehensive solution for management of candidate lists, design and printing of ballots, inventory control and hardware deployment

Election Configuration

The solution has helped register candidates, design and print ballots, control inventory, and deploy hardware.

Results Management System

Clearinghouse solution where electoral information from more than 80,000 e-counting machines nationwide are received for vote consolidation and results generation.

Election Night Reporting

Online system for real-time publication of results, enhancing transparency by allowing
all stakeholders to observe results every step of the way.


Beyond just providing superior technology, Smartmatic adds even more value with our proven technical and support services:

Project Management

Our tried and tested project management methodology has been indispensable in orchestrating the complex and challenging automated elections project in the Philippines.

Ballot Printing

Our expert technical support has helped COMELEC print more than 100 million ballots in record time.

Warehouse Operation

Using our proprietary Warehouse Management System (WMS), we provided COMELEC with expert technical support for safely storing, deploying, and recovering equipment before and after the election.


We have recruited, screened, and trained tens of thousands of field support staff for the Philippines elections.

National Technical Support Centre (NTSC)

The NTSC serves as the nerve center of support, offering troubleshooting, monitoring, and reporting of everything that happens on the ground on Election Day.

Transmission Services

COMELEC has counted on Smartmatic to provide reliable and secure connectivity for transmission of electoral data.

Data Center

Our secure data centers allow sta to monitor the voting platform and provide help desk services to COMELEC, the candidates and parties, as well as to the press and observers.

Election Education

We provide COMELEC with expert support in mounting information drives to educate stakeholders on how the system works and how it is 100% reliable.


We assist COMELEC conduct lab tests, field tests, mock votes, audits and source-code reviews to guarantee total transparency and accuracy.

Smartmatic in The Philippines

Filipinos used to wait several weeks to learn who won national elections. Such prolonged periods of uncertainty had fueled unrest and accusations of fraud and violence.

Everything changed in 2010. That was the year Smartmatic helped COMELEC hold the country’s first nationwide automated elections. To date, Smartmatic has counted more than 5 billion votes in the Philippines, making it a world reference for well-run elections.

Smartmatic has worked five Philippine elections: 2010 general elections, 2013 midterm elections, 2016 general elections, 2019 midterm elections, and 2022 general elections.

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