Argentina 2015: A verifiable electronic voting solution to facilitate voting in Cordoba - Technology


Smartmatic designed the SAES-3377 voting machine to make voting as easy as it can be. Its 17’’ screen displayed all the options available for voters in La Falda (12,784 voters, 39 polling stations in 3 centres) and Marcos Juarez (22,000 voters, 65 polling stations in 6 centres).

As with all of Smartmatic’s voting technology, the machines allowed each citizen to validate that his/her vote was registered correctly by producing a printed voting voucher. The machines safeguarded the votes cast with the most accurate, verifiable and secure technology in the market.

Preliminary results

In the 7,892 polling stations were voting and counting was done manually, 2,659,058 voters were registered to vote. They were distributed across 26 electoral sections comprising approximately 634 electoral circuits and sub-circuits. 

Unlike electronic voting, where votes can be tallied instantly, manual counting requires a very sophisticated logistic operation to produce timely preliminary results.

Cordoba’s preliminary results in five steps

1. Although polling centres closed at 18:00, every voter still in line at that time was allowed to enter the polling centre and vote.

2. Polling centre officials (teachers) counted the votes and filled count reports manually. 

3. The Argentine Postal Service was hired to transport the count reports from the 1,154 polling centres to 18 digitization centres. They were also responsible for scanning and transmitting those reports to their main headquarters in Buenos Aires for a verification process. Later, the post office sent to Smartmatic’s upload centre in Cordoba the digital images of count reports via Internet for further processing.

4. Inside Smartmatic’s upload centre there were 230 stations ready to upload the data written in count reports. There were 320 control stations, manned by election authorities, so any inconsistency or problem could be resolved.

5. Smartmatic aggregated count reports and published results online according to the instructions of the Provincial Electoral Court. 

Download a diagram of the vote counting process in Cordoba (in Spanish)

Smartmatic’s system for aggregating and broadcasting results meets the highest standards of quality. It uses a log system that guarantees the system’s auditability at all times, and guarantees that results are accurate and transparent.