Belgian elections: Services

Because we know what it takes to conduct a successful election, we don’t just provide the technology, we couple our advanced hardware and software with a complete suite of services to guarantee a flawless execution.

In Belgium, we have provided pre and post-election services and Election Day field support, including a help desk / call center.

All services included:

  • Inspection and repair service during non-electoral years, 3 months prior to elections; and after equipment installation;
  • Warehouse storage services;
  • “Train the Trainer” and "Members of poll offices" onsite training sessions;
  • Voter education activities including demos, videos and printed material;
  • Technical support to election authorities in mastering the election data (by means of the Smartmatic ECM – Electoral Management System – and mass duplicators for pen drives);
  • Controlled delivery and collection of voting devices, from the warehouse to the poll offices and vice versa;
  • Installation and disassembly of voting devices in the poll offices;
  • Technical field support on Election Day including dispatching services for field engineers and voting devices.