Statements and reports

Some news reports noting officials supporting the use of e-voting in the election:

“I had the privilege of observing the electoral process (…) and was impressed by the manner in which this first nation-wide automated election was conducted. Voters seemed generally comfortable with this new system, turn-out was high, and the automation process seemed to work well, with relatively few technical hitches.” – Alistair MacDonald, EU Ambassador to the Philippines.

“Our observations suggested that this process was carried out smoothly, and the results transmitted rapidly, in the great majority of cases.” – Alistair MacDonald, EU Ambassador to the Philippines

“The Embassy of the United States extends warm congratulations to the people of the Philippines for achieving another milestone in their nation's democratic history with the May 10 elections.” – Embassy of the United States in the Philippines

“… That’s the beauty of automation. There’s no room for cheating.” – Tita de Villa, Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV).

“The success of the elections would be a feather in the cap of the Comelec, Smartmatic-TIM, the police and military.” – Gary Olivar, Deputy presidential spokesperson.

“I’m smiling again. The automation is a success.” – Jose Melo, Chairman of Comelec.

“This only shows that we can pull this through. The conduct of the poll automation proves our critics wrong.” – Gregorio Larrazabal, Comelec Commissioner.