Venezuela’s 2012 regional elections: Services

Smartmatic was in charge of a series of additional tasks during this election, some of which went beyond its technological aspects:

  • Selection, hiring and training of the following field staff:

Voting machine operators
Support technicians
Information station operators
Contingency transmission center operators
Totalisation technicians
Inventory operators
Special operators and National Support Center Operators)

  • Staff for the National Support Center (CNS), regional coordinators and staff for the pre- and post-event audits
  • Operation of the National Support Center
  • Furnishing and operation of the Fast Response Centers
  • Software setup & priming of the voting machines and diagnostics runs thereof
  • Supply of materials for the setup & priming of voting machines and of other required materials/equipment
  • Supply and distribution of batteries to be used as voting machine backup power sources
  • Installation of Contingency Transmission Centers
  • Printing of manuals and protocols for field personnel
  • Project management services and application of Smartmatic's exclusive Project Methodology
  • Control and follow-up of performance indicators
  • Priming and distribution of over 42,897 voting machines for these events: operator training, voting information sessions, engineering test, and the election