Venezuela’s 2008 regional elections: Audits

Smartmatic and the CNE (Venezuela’s electoral commission) organised different tests to endorse the auditable voting system for this Regional Elections. Technical representatives from all political parties approved the voting machine’s hardware and software, as well as the transmission and tallying processes.

Engineering test (5 October)
Alongside Smartmatic, CANTV, CADAFE, AEROCAV, Plan Republica (security plan implemented by the army) and the education districts, the CNE tested the transmission platform, giving as a result 100% effectiveness.

Voting software audits (6-13 October)
Technicians from the political parties and the CNE evaluated the machines’ programming. Smartmatic representatives demonstrated how the machines’ software worked during each of their functions (opening, voting, closing, transmission etc.)

Hardware audit (6-13 October)
Technicians from CNE and from the political parties carefully evaluated the voting machines’ hardware in order to check all of their physical components, such as motherboards, network cards, touch-sensitive membranes and touchscreens.

National electoral drill (26 October)
This test helped correct logistic flaws detected during the engineering test and to check and endorse a variety of processes, including: the transmission, engineering and tallying, the technological and logistics platform, the polling stations, the distribution of the electoral roll, the polling members’ participation and the deployment of voting machines.

Electors participated at 2,740 pilot voting centers (two fully-working pilot centers in each state). The system achieved a 99% efficiency rating.