Kenya: Fostering transparency through technology

First-ever real-time publication of tally reports in Africa

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Ecuador’s 2014 electronic voting pilot

Ecuador: Modernizing elections in Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas

More than 270,000 voters had access to a fully automated election process in a fully binding election, yielding auditable and accurate results

Haiti Civil Registry

Haiti: Improving civil and ID registries after an earthquake

Smartmatic endowed Haiti with the technology and tools to develop its civil registry in a knowledge and technology transfer program

Philippines: Second automated elections are successful

As a result of fast, peaceful elections, ratings agencies upgraded the country’s investment status

Brazil: Improving communications advances municipal elections

Technology to enable data and voice communications across the sixteen most isolated states during the 2012 elections.

Mexico: Biometric registration improves the country’s civil registry

More than 2,000 mobile biometric units to help authorities gather fingerprint, iris, facial features to build a digital civil database