VSAP Los Angeles voting machine

Los Angeles County—Voting Solutions for All People

Los Angeles County cited Smartmatic’s unparalleled experience throughout the world as the primary reason for choosing Smartmatic as the VSAP partner

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Venezuela’s presidential election, 2012

On 7 October, 2012, this 100% automated system helped Venezuela elect its president completely transparently, accurately and securely.

Smartmatic e-voting in the Philippines

The Philippines 2010 general election

In May 2010, the Philippines carried out the first automated elections in Southeast Asia.

Venezuela’s 2010 parliamentary elections

For the first time in Venezuelan history, parliamentary elections were carried out with 100% of the poll centers automated.

Venezuela’s 2009 constitutional amendment referendum

The 2009 referendum was held on 15 February, 2009, so citizens could vote to abolish term limits for the office of President, and other roles.

Curaçao’s 2009 referendum

On 15 May, 2009, the people from Curaçao voted ‘Yes’ to a proposal to gain more autonomy from the Netherlands.