Kenya: Fostering transparency through technology

Maximum transparency for enhanced trust

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Bulgaria elections

Bulgaria: First binding e-vote is 100% accurate

Nearly 50,000 voting machines deployed since 2014 as the country has continuously expanded its use of election technology

London: e-Counting delivers fast, accurate elections

Greater London Authority successfully deployed an electronic vote-counting solution to process 7.9 million hand-marked paper ballots

Argentina: Country’s fastest, most accurate and transparent provisional tally

Three hours after voting ended, more than 70% of tallying reports were digitized, securely transmitted, and uploaded

Estonia: The world’s longest standing, most advanced internet voting solution

Since the introduction of i-Voting in 2005 its use has steadily increased, preferred by 47% of voters in 2021

Norway: Online voting to facilitate democratic participation for Norwegians citizens

Norwegians have used TIVI online voting to cast ballot from anywhere, at any time, in local referendums