Albania 2021: Enhancing Election Integrity

Smartmatic completed a four-month implementation for the voter authentication and a six-week installation for electronic voting.

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Uganda 2016 - present: Improving voter authentication

Unequivocal authentication of the identity of the voters before they cast their ballot.

Chile 2015: Citizens Empowered Through Voting Machines and Online Voting

Ensuring that people who were unable to go to a polling place could also vote easily and securely

Argentina 2015: A verifiable electronic voting solution to facilitate voting in Cordoba

Smartmatic’s technology and services enabled authorities to publish official results only 45 minutes after voting ended.

Brazil general elections 2014

Brazil 2014: Services to facilitate communications in the general elections

Smartmatic used its satellite technology to expedite the results during the two rounds of presidential elections held in Brazil this October.

Smartmatic in the 2014 European Parliament elections: Bulgaria

Bulgaria 2014-present: Helping Bulgaria Modernize its Elections

In 2014 Bulgaria took decisive steps toward modernizing its elections using Smartmatic’s advanced verifiable voting technology.