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Staff Stories

Nov 24, 2011

What we expect from our leaders

The central axis of each supervisor's functions should be to make his team members succeed, because a manager's success is the sum of each of his team...


Jul 14, 2011

The city we could have

These days we have a wealth of knowledge which, if used in a planned and careful way, could significantly improve the quality of life for the...

Jul 11, 2011

Video as digital evidence, from the camera to the courtroom

Intelligent video studies and their applications in the security field show a very promising future, and the disciplines involved in its research and...

Jun 20, 2011

My new life in Panama

Being part of a multinational company like Smartmatic can lead to several opportunities and lifestyle changes.

May 27, 2011

About biometric registries and their benefits

Thanks to biometrics we have highly reliable methods to guarantee or improve certainty in the process of recognizing people.

Apr 06, 2011

Giving a boost to the new face of urban mobility

It is our wish to help build these new smart cities, where urban transportation is a fundamental axis for the functioning of modern economies.

Election Insights

Mar 10, 2011

Electronic voting: a solid anchor for democracy

Automated voting systems originate from the idea of having the voters, and only the voters, determine the outcome of every election.