Corporate social responsibility

We believe everything we do demonstrates CSR. We don’t just imagine a world where technology has a profound, positive social impact. Ours is already contributing to a better standard of living for millions of people.

Smartmatic Connect Marathon

Transparent, auditable and secure elections

Our secure voting technology platforms further some social good by helping to increase voter participation and by delivering auditable and rapid election results.

Healthier, safer and better connected cities

Our smart cities work makes a positive impact on society by helping ensure that citizens can enjoy healthier, safer and better connected urban areas. By helping governments become more efficient and transparent, we also enable them to offer people better services.

Social causes

Even though we believe our core elections business is our most important example of CSR, our commitment to communities extends beyond the positive impact of our technology.

We support a variety of social causes and cultural enrichment programs. For example, in conjunction with several universities we organise a programming marathon – called CONNECT – to reward and encourage young computing and engineering talent. And we also support initiatives that promote human enlightenment and development.

Improving our performance

We’re constantly working with all our collaborators, suppliers and shareholders to structure and manage a global, sustainable CSR strategy.