10 reasons to join us

We share a vision

A vision that we can move civilisation forward with technology that has a profound social impact. Is that something which excites you?

Our values are at the heart of our business

We believe in values such as integrity and candour. We create technology that helps governments become more transparent. We therefore work to become more transparent, ourselves.

We don’t think fear’s inspiring

Our human resources department is crucial to our success. Together, we try to create a relaxed, inspiring working atmosphere. We think that helps people perform their best.

We’re not afraid to improve

We’re innovators; we set trends. We also acknowledge that we can improve everything we make.

You’ll learn something new every day

Whatever your job title, however senior you are – and however much experience you’ve had.

If you can dream it, you can do it

We encourage brave people to take on great responsibilities. The goals we set for ourselves aren’t easy – but we believe they’re always possible.

We’ll grow together

Growth is an important part of our culture. Just as our product and service portfolio expands, just as we expand into new markets, we also grow as individuals and professionals – and our suppliers and partners grow with us.

You get a buzz from work that benefits societies around the world

Do you want to make nice looking mobile phones or do you want to change the world? Working with people who get to improve their societies makes you feel happy and proud. Can you say that about your current employer?

It’s kind of fun to do the impossible

Impossible can be tough. Impossible can be tiring. But impossible can also be fun. Not only is it rewarding when you find the solution, you’ll also enjoy the thrill you get from solving problems here the best way we know how – together.

You can be you

Not only are we tolerant and accepting of our differences, we celebrate individuality and diversity.