Interested in a career with Smartmatic?

We’re a pretty unusual company. There aren’t many other organisations that do what we do – and the ones that do haven’t done anything on the same scale as us – or been anywhere near as successful. That may sound like a boast but it’s true.

Smartmatic Careers

What we do

We provide voting technology and services to election commissions around the world, so their countries can have the most auditable, transparent, accurate and secure elections possible.

In doing so, we increase trust and help provide the kind of political stability that attracts investment.

It’s all part of our mission to provide governments with technology that helps them become more efficient and more transparent. So they can offer their citizens better services.

Our solutions also help in the areas of health, transportation and safety. And currently we’re applying our problem-solving skills to some of the biggest challenges facing mankind – which we’re going to be able to tell you more about very soon.

Will you join us?

For now, if you’re interested in technology, would like to help governments meet their people’s demands – or would like to work for a business that’s succeeding by benefiting societies around the world, join us.