Antonio Mugica

Antonio Mugica, Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Antonio founded Smartmatic in 2000 to create technologies that could help improve societies around the world. This vision translated into multiple patents and innovations that became the core of the company’s products. As CEO, he manages the vision and strategic planning of the company.

Smartmatic has successfully deployed secure election technologies in 36 countries over 5 continents, recording and tabulating more than 6.5 billion votes, all with zero security breaches.

Antonio made auditability and transparency key principles of all of the company’s election technologies. Smartmatic pioneered voting machines that produce both electronic records and human-readable paper ballots, which is now the de facto gold standard in verifiable voting. Its voting machine designs make it quick and easy to cast a ballot and improve accessibility for citizens with disabilities.

Under his guidance, the company’s R&D labs and its partner companies strive to develop technology-based solutions that help governments around the globe to solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Further, he serves as a strategic advisor to Oxford University's program on Democracy & Technology to help building new paths to modernize elections across the world.