We're not an elections company. We're the elections company.

Number one

Electronic voting technology and services provider, in almost every metric: automated elections completed, counted votes, revenue, product offering, geographical footprint and technological advancement.

Smartmatic in the US

Because transparency is at the core of what we do, it is important the facts about us are well known—our origins and our work powering elections around the world. Click here to read the facts.

Seven world records

Including the world’s largest automated elections, the first to feature paper receipts, the first to feature biometrically-activated voting sessions – and the world’s fastest voter registration project using biometrics.

Voting technology and services

From the world leader. We’ve processed over 3.7 billion verifiable votes in more than 3,500 elections, without recording a single discrepancy – a track record no other company can match. Our uniquely auditable and integrated system gives you all the software, hardware and services you need to guarantee success at every stage of an election – from registration to wrap-up.

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