Voter administration

Voter administration refers to all the administrative tasks related to keeping the voter information updated and correct.

Periodic registration of new voters and updating existing voters' information gives citizens the opportunity to participate in upcoming election events.

Additionally, depuration (de-duplication) reduces the risk of impersonation, ghost voters and of anyone being able to vote more than once during the election.

  Our services

We offer an end-to-end solution, composed of a series of technological components and services, to take care of all aspects of voter administration.

We enroll new voters who are eligible to vote according to your election laws. We also give registered voters the opportunity to update personal information, such as contact details.

  Product offering

Registration hardware

The PARkit contains everything you need to capture biographic and biometric data for effective identity management. You can use it to confirm identity, for civil and voter registration.

Download the PARkit technical sheet.

Registration software

PARclient is a front-end application that provides an easy-to-use and fully configurable interface for voter registration.

Identity Management System (IDMS) is our central data management system. By consolidating and depurating the voter data, it generates a unique and clean database. This system takes care of the appeals process, asking the election commission to reverse the decision to reject a particular citizen's voter registry entry.

Read more about IDMS.

Election Management System (EMS) is a software platform that helps allocate voters with their nearest polling station (or simply to one selected), to generate accurate and error-free voter lists. It also provides voter information module that makes it simple to get voters to verify their correct information (ID, polling location address, polling station ID).

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