Our powerful software gives you complete control over – and visibility of – every election process, from registration to results.

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  • Election-360 (E-360)
  • Electoral Management System (EMS)
  • Real-time Electoral Information System (REIS)
Smartmatic Election-360 software


From resource planning, dispatch of electoral materials and incident reporting to technical or procedural support, Election-360 helps you control, monitor and manage election logistics and operational processes in real time. How?

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EMS Smartmatic

Election Management System (EMS)

Security and auditability are some of the defining advantages of Smartmatic’s EMS. How does this web-based system allow you to configure any type of automated election in a flexible and practical way?

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Real-time Electoral Information System (REIS)

A software system developed specifically to fulfill a wide breadth of stringent electoral requirements. How does it go far beyond the usual counting and publishing functions of most other voting software products?

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