We've designed all our hardware around the idea that all parties taking part in an election audit the process at every stage.

Our Taiwanese manufacturing arm, Jarltech, is ISO 9001 certified and means we guarantee quality control and technical support for all our products.

They bring complete security, accuracy, privacy and transparency to registration, authentication, voting and counting.

Smartmatic 4000 Series Advanced Voting Machine

4000 series advanced voting machine

Our most advanced touch screen voting machines enable forward-thinking election commissions to offer completely auditable, transparent and secure elections. How do they guarantee security? How do they turn voters into auditors? And how do they capture voter intent perfectly?

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Smartmatic VP–1500 Voting Pad

VP–1500 voting pad

The VP-1500 mimics traditional paper ballots by presenting voters with a range of options. How do our electronic ballots increase accessibility and ensure that elections don't feature a single spoiled vote?

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Smartmatic Cut & Drop

Cut & Drop

How does our contactless printer make the most auditable, secure and accurate voting system in the world even more accurate? How does it safeguard voter privacy further still?

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Smartmatic SAES-A3


Ultra portable, self-contained voting machine. Built-in modules to simply manufacture and maintenance, reducing operating costs. Highly customisable.

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Smartmatic's voting machine SAES-3377


We designed the SAES-3377 to make voting even easier. Its 17’’ screen displays all the options available to the voter, who only has to press the screen to make a choice. It stores votes with the most accurate, secure and verifiable technology on the market. And it supports every type of election, from nominal or preference vote to a simple referendum.

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Voter registration, authentication and poll book, all in one device. VIU-800 is the most versatile identity management device in the market. This portable all-in-one solution enables authorities to efficiently authenticate voters, update voter registers or manage polling stations.

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