The SAES-A3 is a self-contained, highly portable touch screen electronic voting machine.

Smartmatic SAES A-3

It features modules that simplify the assembly process and the overall manufacturing logistics. This also minimizes maintenance times and costs.

A simpler, safer, voting experience

All the SAES-A3's ports and connectors are located on the back of the machine, away from the voter. This is to simplify the voting experience and minimise the risk of unauthorised manipulation.

Greater security

All the ports and connectors are protected by covers, including when there are devices connected to them. This prevents unauthorised removal of the devices.

All the covers have holes for adding security/tamper-evident tape. The covers also have rubber protectors to prevent dust and waterfrom damaging the SAES-A3 during storage and transportation.

Even easier to set up

The ports and connectors are grouped in a logical way, according to the stage of the electoral process when each port will be used.

In this way, we've simplified election set-up while preserving and maximising the security and the integrity of the voting machine, the information contained in it and the security of the Electoral Process in general.

Daisy chained for simpler logistics

In the warehouse, where the internal batteries need to be recharged before election day, the machines can be connected one machine to the next one, using a single AC outlet to recharge several machines at the same time.

This greatly simplifies warehouse logistics and reduces the need for complex requirements.

The SAES-A3 makes the polling place simpler, too. The machines can be set up in a configuration where one machine provides AC power to the next one, eliminating the need for additional AC power strips or extra power extensions.

Customisable and upgradeable

The panel at the right of the LCD containing the reel-to-reel printer and the barcode reader is highly  modular and easily re-configured with different devices.

This makes it easier to replace the printer and/or the activation mechanism with different technologies for improvements. This means you can upgrade specific parts without having to replace the whole system.


We've designed the SAES-A3 to be used both as fixed voting machine which would be operated in a single polling place and as a portable voting machine that can be carried to remote locations or to hospitals.

The A3 is lightweight, allowing it to be carried comfortably as a regular carry case.

The SAES-A3 is self-contained. It’s designed with an integrated carry case, which contains everything required to complete a voting process.

We've designed the carry case to prevent excessive dust and water splashes from damaging the unit.

The A3 also features an internal battery that allows it to be used as a remote voting machine, providing more than two hours operating time from a single charge.

The batteries are easily replaceable, which means you can carry several to extend the machine's operating time.


We've designed the A3 to be highly accessible to people with different types of physical limitations, so they can vote with the minimum amount of third party intervention.

The ABLE-S device allows people with reduced mobility to vote independently. It also allows audio voting, so the visually impaired can receive audio guidance to navigate and make their selections, then cast their vote independently and secretly.