Cut & Drop

Contactless printer for added electoral security, verifiability and accuracy

Smartmatic Cut_Drop

Our printers offer physical back-ups of electronic votes. They produce paper receipts. This is one important reason our system is so verifiable – because each voter effectively becomes the system’s auditor. Our Cut & Drop systems automatically drops voters’ paper receipts into ballot boxes for them. This makes the process even easier for voters and means there’s no chance they might forget to place their receipt in the ballot box. It also prevents people putting any other type of paper in the ballot box that might confuse a future audit.

Safeguards privacy

The Cut & Drop system has been specifically designed to safeguard the secrecy of voting and avoid the removal or destruction of the voting vouchers. In addition, the vouchers are stored randomly inside the container, rendering any attempt to match voter to selection, useless.

Prevents mismatch between paper and electronic votes

Because it prevents people from either forgetting to deposit their paper vote or adding other types of paper to the ballot box.


Unique in the voting industry, our Cut & Drop system can register the voting receipt as ‘invalid’, in case the voter disagrees with the choice they see printed.


The design allows the voters to see their choices and then see that their vote receipt has dropped down inside the ballot box. Once in the box, their choices are no longer legible. The fact that voters can check a paper record means they can verify the automated system.


While the vote can be verified by the voter, it can’t be interfered with by anyone.


Specially designed to be easy to transport.


Works seamlessly with our voting machines and voting pads.

How it works

The voter makes his or her choice using one of our electronic ballots and/or voting machines. After they confirm their selection, the printer produces a paper receipt that can be verified by the voter through the clear glass. If the voter confirms the vote, the receipt will drop down into the ballot box. He or she can also cancel the vote. In this case, the receipt will be marked ‘invalid’ and the voter can make a new attempt to vote.