4000 series voting machine

The most advanced voting machine offering a fast, accurate, secure and verifiable vote

Smartmatic 4000 series voting machine

Our 4000 series comprise advanced touch screen voting machines that guarantee transparent and efficient elections.

Discover more about how it’s already given millions a 100% secure, accurate and auditable way to vote.


Store votes protected by encryption keys longer than those used in most Internet banking security systems – and in seven different instances, so it’s apparent if the vote’s changed in just one of them. Similar safeguards protect vote transmission.


In our system, votes leave both an electronic trail and a paper trail (thanks to its built-in printer).

The benefit of an electronic vote is that you can track it from the moment a voter makes his or her selection to when results are published, to check it doesn’t change.

You can also compare electronic results to paper results, to ensure they match. In fact, our system doesn’t just let you scrutinize votes. Parties can also inspect passwords, networks and servers.


Our 4000 series voting machines offer complete transparency. Paper slips allow all parties to verify that the electronic count is 100% accurate. Passwords, networks and servers can also be checked before, during and after elections by independent technicians, citizens and representatives from political parties.


The voting machines’ touch screens capture voter intent perfectly. It’s impossible to spoil a vote, as often happens in manual voting. All our machines let the voter know who they’ve voted for and ask them to confirm. There’s simply no room for error. Paper backups produced by built-in printers verifiy the electronic count.


We’ve designed the 4000 series to be easy for everyone to use. Graphic options make it accessible to people who can’t read or write. There are extendable control units for wheelchair users, headphones for visually impaired people and a sip/puff interface to navigate through the ballot. There’s also a Braille interface.


Easy to store, easy to transport, robust, complete with own carrying case, lightweight, strong and easy to maintain.