VP–1500 voting pad

A touch-sensitive voting pad to capture voter intent perfectly

Smartmatic's electronic voting ballot

The VP-1500 mimics a traditional paper ballot in that the voter is presented with a range of options printed on paper. Each machine can accommodate up to 252 options. Plus four machines can be connected in series, giving a theoretical maximum of up to 1008 options.

The difference is, however, that touch-sensitive membranes under the paper record the voter’s selection, instead of having to rely on a human or a machine to interpret how a voter’s (potentially incorrectly) filled out a paper ballot. When used in conjunction with one of our voting machines, it represents the most accurate, secure, transparent and auditable way to vote.

100% accurate

It’s impossible to spoil the vote or misinterpret voter intent. The voter confirms their choice before it’s registered and they can check again on a paper voter voucher. Even then, they’re able to invalidate an incorrect vote.


Connect up to four VP-1500 machines in series, to increase the number of voting options from 252 to 1008. Transport the machine easily and safely, thanks to its portability and watertight, crush proof and dust proof carry case. Order your candidate list however you like.

Ease of use

Easy to visually identify each option then simple to make choice using minimal pressure. Combined with graphical representation of candidates, the VP-1500 makes voting accessible to those who cannot read or write.


Continual monitoring means operators can reconfigure the system after a problem or disconnection. Even in their absence, the VP-1500’s fail-safe feature means that, if for any reason the ballot doesn’t react, it will restart automatically.

How it works

The VP-1500 is pre-programmed to register a vote for a particular candidate when the area below that candidate, as written on a paper ballot overlay, is pressed. When the voter presses their finger on the paper printed with the candidate of their choice, two membranes underneath make contact, registering the voter’s choice and lighting a unique LED next to the candidate’s name. This information is then sent to one of our voting machines, where the voter can confirm once again using the touchscreen, before their voter voucher is printed for depositing in the ballot box.