Consolidation refers to the aggregation of polling station vote counts into one location where final results can be calculated.

  Our services

We offer an accurate, secure and fast results consolidation services throughout the following sub-processes.

Results Collection

This is where polling station results are transported, verified and registered in a central or consolidation hub.

In our system, our voting machines transmit results reliably and securely via telecommunication channels – or in their absence via satellite.

Trend analysis

From the votes collected, we can calculate statistical and mathematical trends, to anticipate or predict election results. 

Winner proclamation

Once all results are consolidated, proclamation is the process where the algorithm determines the winners from the votes.

Results publication

We publish the electoral results in a web interface so that it’s immediately available to the general public.

Credential issuance

As its name suggests, this sub-process refers to the production and delivery of the formal proclamation document to each winner.

It can be as simple as providing one credential to a single winner of a national office (i.e. President) or as complex as generating credentials for a large numbers of officials, such as congress or assembly representatives, mayors and governors.

Complaints and appeals

This sub-process refers to the registration and tracking of any complaints or appeals related to election results.

  Product offering

Our technology helps automate the entire consolidation process, making it completely transparent and accurate.


Voting machines


Real-time Electoral Information System (REIS)


Results collection/transmission

Ecuador's sectional elections, 2014

The Philippines' midterm elections, 2013

Brazil's municipal elections, 2012

Trend analysis

Venezuelan elections, 2004-2015

Winner proclamation

Every election we've run

Results publication

Venezuelan elections, 2004-2015