Smartmatic Lombardy

Italy's first fully automated election - Lombardy 2017


24,700 voting machines were deployed across the entire region to capture the vote of the 7,895,484 voters

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Sierra Leone - Smartmatic

Sierra Leone 2017 - A National Civil Registry and a Voter Register

Identity management

Authorities were able to create a new National Civil Register and a Voter Register to be used during the March 2018 elections

Brazilian elections 2012, 2014 & 2016


As the world leader of the elections industry, Smartmatic has partnered with TSE to help improve the efficiency and transparency

The Philippines 2016 General Election


The automated Philippine elections constitute the largest vote-counting projects in the world

Uganda 2016 General election


Unequivocal authentication of the identity of the voters before they cast their ballot

Chilean Citizens Empowered, 2015


Ensuring that people who were unable to go to a polling place could also vote easily and securely