Ease-of-use combined with operational efficiency

The A4-200 is a secure and efficient electronic voting machine suitable for elections with basic ballots.

  • The A4-200 is designed to provide voters with an intuitive and convenient voting experience;
  • Poll workers benefit from its ease of use, needing no training to use the device;
  • Because the A4-200 is portable, compact, and self-contained, it is optimized for logistics, shipping and deployment, allowing EMB’s cost and operational efficiencies.


Independent voting for everyone

The A4-200 offers an accessibility platform enabling voters with disabilities to vote autonomously with the 15” touchscreen, using headphones, an audio interface, buddy buttons or a Sip-and-Puff interface. The A4-200 is fully ADA compliant.

Poll worker ease-of-use

Smartmatic’s A4-200 is compact, lightweight and portable and its intuitive user interface and embedded instructions, allow the poll worker to operate the machine without the need of any technical expertise or training.

Operational efficiency

The design of the A4-200 allows for a convenient voting experience, while at the same time being compact and lightweight. With the A4-200, logistics, warehousing and shipping are optimized, providing EMB’s with a cost-efficient solution.

Optimal security, auditability and traceability

The A4-200 can provide the option of a VVPAT, ensuring auditability, and transparency.

The highest and strongest levels of security are implemented in this purpose specific device; cryptographic suites, digital signatures, data redundancy, two-factor authentication with a smartcard and access control by different roles and profiles. Access control can be defined by the customer during the preparation of the electoral event.

How does it work

A voting session in the A4-200 is activated via an activation button located at the poll workers station. The voter makes their selections on the voting machine touchscreen, after which their selections are printed in the Cut&Drop printer. The voter can verify their selections behind glass before the vote is cast. An integrated simple cut printer is used for report printing.