Smartmatic welcomes new report recommending online voting

London, United Kingdom - January 25, 2016 – Smartmatic, the world’s leading voting technology company, welcomed a report by WebRoots Democracy, which concludes that online voting is safe and secure and should be introduced in the UK.   
The report, published this January 26th by the UK based campaign group, highlights the significant benefits that online voting would bring to the UK such as improving participation, safeguarding against vote tampering, and providing people with the opportunity to vote wherever they feel most comfortable, thereby helping to reduce pressure to vote a certain way.
Commenting on the report, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, Chairman of Smartmatic, said “The future of democracy is digital. We need to act now to modernise how people vote and participate. Technology can play a vital role in increasing voter turnout, especially among young people.  With such a significant percentage of the UK electorate already voting remotely by post, online voting offers a logical progression and an opportunity to eliminate the many problems associated with postal voting”.
Malloch-Brown added: “From discussions at the World Economic Forum last week to President Obama’s drive to modernise voting in the US, business and world leaders are embracing the power of technology to transform services, lifestyles and living standards – elections should not be left behind”.  
Antonio Mugica, CEO of Smartmatic added “Technology is making the dialogue between citizens and governments more dynamic. And this interaction is only going to get better and stronger as technology evolves. Smartmatic is providing tools to enable this transformation.”
WebRoots solicited the opinion from experts all around the world. Smartmatic was one of a number of companies to provide expertise and information to the report’s authors by responding to a standard questionnaire.