LA County Awards Contract to Smartmatic for VSAP project


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Contract award to Smartmatic Marks Significant Milestone in Voting Solutions for all People Initiative to Modernize Voting in LA County

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Ballot printing in the Philippines finishes ahead of schedule 14-04-2016

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Ballot printing for the May 9 elections in the Philippines has been completed 15 days ahead of schedule.

Utah GOP Caucus voters praise online voting experience 23-03-2016

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Smartmatic’s i-voting technology expands participation in Republican Presidential Preference Caucus.

Renowned elections experts discuss how technology can transform elections for the better 21-03-2016

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Last week eminent election leaders gathered in London for the annual meeting of the International Elections Advisory Council (IEAC).

President Obama’s call to action for online voting—Smartmatic response 13-03-2016

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This month, the Utah Republican Party is offering internet voting in order to ensure greater voter participation in the Presidential Caucus proces.

New study reveals US voters risk being left behind by today’s voting systems 26-02-2016

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Smartmatic research uncovers voter concerns about current voting procedures and technologies.