Smartmatic – Cybernetica awarded European Commission blockchain research project


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Blockchain and DLT have emerged as one of the most revolutionary technology developments in recent years

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Government inaction costs votes of 1.1M young people in referendum 01-07-2016

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New research illustrates the link between low youth turnout in elections and the UK’s outdated voting system.

Smartmatic shares expertise as calls made to provide online voting for European expats 29-06-2016

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European parliament hearing reveals concerns about disenfranchisement of overseas voters due to outdated voting systems.

2016 Philippine automated polls better than past elections - Carter Center 20-06-2016

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The report also commented on the fast proclamation of winning candidates. Comelec was able to proclaim new Senators in record time.

New ePen technology assists election officials in California primaries 16-06-2016

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Los Angeles County pioneered the use of the ePen- an innovative new digital technology to streamline and expedite election reports.

Fastest President and Vice President proclamations in Philippine history draw praise 30-05-2016

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The May 9 elections saw the largest turnout since 1986 with 81% of the registered voters or over 44 million Filipinos casting their votes.