Smartmatic – Cybernetica awarded European Commission blockchain research project


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Blockchain and DLT have emerged as one of the most revolutionary technology developments in recent years

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Antonio Mugica at eMerge Americas: “It is time to modernize election administration” 27-04-2018

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Mugica emphasized the need to use technology not only to improve elections but also to foster a more fluid dialogue between governments and citizens.

Smartmatic participates in Demotech, a new event promoting the modernization of elections 14-03-2018

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Demotech was led by Leandro Querido, Executive Director of Transparencia Electoral, an NGO that promotes transparent and balanced elections.

Election administrators in the UK test Smartmatic technology 15-02-2018

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Smartmatic showcased its electronic voting machines and online voting solutions

jordan - 15th International Electoral Symposium - smartmatic

Experts from 35 countries gather in Jordan to discuss election administration 07-12-2017

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Throughout 2017 we assisted elections commissions from Europe, South America and Africa in modernizing their elections.

Estonia elections - Smartmatic

Estonia’s new voting innovation leads to record high in online voting 02-11-2017

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Estonia has pioneered a new online voting platform in a drive to strengthen security and transparency for the country’s voters