Armenia - Smartmatic - Electronic voting

Voter Authentication – Armenia 2017

Identity management

Our innovative solutions enabled poll officers across the country to accurately verify the identity of the voters

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Chilean Citizens Empowered, 2015


Ensuring that people who were unable to go to a polling place could also vote easily and securely

Venezuelan elections, 2004-2013

Venezuela's elections, 2004-2015


Encompassing voter authentication, vote casting and results publication

Argentina (Cordoba) elections 2015


Smartmatic’s technology and services enabled authorities to publish official results only 45 minutes after voting ended

United States elections 2005 - 2016


During the 2005 and 2006 election cycles, Smartmatic provided technology and support services to more than 307 jurisdictions across 16 states

Belgium elections 2012-2014

Belgian elections 2012 - 2014


Belgium pioneered electronic voting in the '90s, and ever since, it has always stayed ahead of the curve in adopting election technology.