Smartmatic opens local office and hires dozens in Los Angeles


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Smartmatic Began Working and is Excited to be a Part of Los Angeles County

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Zero errors in pre-election audit of Smartmatic system 29/10/2004

The final pre-election audit of the electronic voting solution was 100% successful.

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Engineering Test validates Smartmatic technology 23/10/2004

The test was conducted on the voting technology and communications infrastructure that will be used during the regional elections held on October 31,...

Smartmatic news

Antonio Mugica profiled in South Florida CEO magazine 15/10/2004

South Florida CEO magazine profiled Smartmatic CEO Antonio Mugica in its October, 2004 edition.

Smartmatic news

Smartmatic voting system enters European market 07/10/2004

Smartmatic presented its electronic voting solution in the Votobit II conference of the Electronic Voting Observatory at the University of Leon in...

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Smartmatic takes SAES voting system to Paris 03/10/2004

Smartmatic presented the electronic voting solution to experts and academics at the International Electronic Democracy Forum in Paris.