New Study: 2016 Voters and Poll Workers See Improved Technology as Key to Restoring Trust in U.S. Voting System


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New data shows that 8 in 10 voters believe upgrades to the nation’s voting technology will strengthen and build trust in elections.

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Smartmatic's electronic voting technology with a paper back-up is successfully used in Venezuelan elections 09/08/2005

Once again, the security, reliability and accuracy of the Smartmatic Automated Election System (SAES) was on display.

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Smartmatic presented election solution to international observers 05/08/2005

The meeting was the center for discussions regarding the advances in the electronic voting systems.

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Election data transmission services validated 30/06/2005

Both engineering trials covered 694 SAES-3000 voting machines.

Smartmatic news

CNE and Smartmatic signed service and new machine purchase contracts 23/06/2005

The Venezuelan National Elections Council (CNE) signed two contracts with Smartmatic.

Smartmatic news

City of Chicago to implement technology from Sequoia Voting Systems 01/06/2005

Both the City and County will use federal Help America Vote Act grant funding to purchase the voting system.