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Compared to previous elections, 63 percent of the respondents consider the most recent polls to be more credible.

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Zero error in pre-election audit of SAES voting machines 26/11/2007

Caracas, November 26, 2007 - Once more, a successful 'zero error' was the result of the pre-election audit, held by the National Electoral Council of...

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The changes in the electronic voting in Venezuela guarantee the principle “one voter one vote”. 14/11/2007

Caracas , November 14th 2007.- The Metropolitan Government of Caracas will implement a high technology platform, USP, to optimize its response to...

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Smartmatic announces the sale of its subsidiary Sequoia Voting Systems 08/11/2007

Caracas, November 8, 2007.- Smartmatic, a multinational and leading provider of e lectronic voting systems, people registration and authentication...

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Smartmatic successfully carried out an electronic voting pilot in Colombia 31/10/2007

Bogota, October 31, 2007 - On Saturday 27th October, Colombia experienced the benefits of the electronic vote as a secure, accurate and reliable tool...

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Successful engineering test for the Approval Referendum in Venezuela 15/10/2007

Successful engineering test for the Approval Referendum in Venezuela

Caracas, October 15, 2007 - On Sunday 14th October the Engineering Test on the...