IEAC to promote fact-based debate on cybersecurity and elections


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IEAC members had the chance to discuss at length some of the most pressing issues that election commissions from around the world face.

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Belgium to feature a new automated voting system by Smartmatic in 15-year contract 30/01/2012

The advanced voting system was customized specifically to support Belgian and European regulations.

The UCR will ask to implement electronic voting in Mendoza 15/12/2011

The Radical Civic Union (UCR) is boosting the use of electronic voting in the upcoming elections in Mendoza, Argentina.

Smartmatic showcased its Identity Management Solution in Canberra, Australia 01/12/2011

PARmobile and PARclient are an all-in-one package designed to help governments in its registration requirements.

Smartmatic showcases its advanced electronic voting system in Mexico 24/11/2011

Smartmatic has participated throughout the Electoral Campaigns Expo.

Colcard Consortium unites efforts for Cartagena´s education 02/11/2011

Colcard Consortium donated the illustrated children´s book "Júkiti-Túkiti-Tá", and 600 school kits.