IEAC to promote fact-based debate on cybersecurity and elections


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IEAC members had the chance to discuss at length some of the most pressing issues that election commissions from around the world face.

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Top Philippine leaders back automated polls in 2013 20/06/2012

The Philippines is gearing up for its second general automated elections next year.

Smartmatic presented its integral transportation solution at Andinatraffic 2012 11/05/2012

The multinational company presented the Urbano™ platform.

Smartmatic and Green Bit selected to supply biometric enrollment solution to Mexico 11/04/2012

The companies announced their joint efforts to provide a biometric enrollment solution for the Mexican Federal Election Institute.

Smartmatic relocates worldwide headquarters to London 29/02/2012

The move represents a major step for the fast-growing technology company.

Automated voting takes hold in Venezuela 13/02/2012

Once again, Smartmatic's automated voting system was used with total success in yet another Venezuelan election.