New Study: 2016 Voters and Poll Workers See Improved Technology as Key to Restoring Trust in U.S. Voting System


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New data shows that 8 in 10 voters believe upgrades to the nation’s voting technology will strengthen and build trust in elections.

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Statement by Smartmatic International Corporation 12/09/2012

Smartmatic will continue to develop and deliver market leading technology solutions for government electoral officials.

Smartmatic wins Election Services in Brazil, the largest market in Latin America 25/07/2012

The contract covers the recruitment, selection, and training of approximately 14,000 professionals.

Ecuadorians endorse Smartmatic technology 16/07/2012

For the first time, the National Electoral Council of Ecuador has used electronic voting with Smartmatic technology.

Smartmatic present in EVOTE2012 14/07/2012

EVOTE2012 is a forum that brings together experts from academia, administration, government as well as business.

Top Philippine leaders back automated polls in 2013 20/06/2012

The Philippines is gearing up for its second general automated elections next year.