Smartmatic shares experiences with election experts in Washington DC


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Smartmatic’s Chairman introduced the 2016 U.S. Election Program and Seventh Global Elections Organization (GEO-7) Conference organized by IFES.

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 Venezuelans register 58,054,847 valid votes in 10 hours

Venezuelans register 58,054,847 valid votes in 10 hours 10/12/2013

On Sunday, 8 December, Smartmatic deployed over 39,427 voting machines to record the will of the people: some 58,054,847 votes cast in around ten...

Smartmatic shares experiences with electoral commissions around the world 05/12/2013

Kuala Lumpur was host to the 7th International Electoral Affairs Symposium 2013 where Smartmatic shared its experiences.

Smartmatic demonstrated its election technology at Kyrgyzstan’s electoral fair 25/11/2013

Smartmatic showed its voting technology during the Innovative Technologies in the Electoral Process fair in Kyrgyzstan.

Programming geniuses went head to head during Smartmatic CONNECT 2013 14/10/2013

Students of computer sciences from several Venezuelan universities proved their knowledge for programming during the Smartmatic CONNECT Marathon.

Smartmatic presented the benefits of automation at CLEI 2013 14/10/2013

Why should we automate elections? was the title of the presentation given by martmatic’s Product Manager Rui Santos during the conference.