Les Philippins apprécient leur système électoral


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Une enquête de Pulse Asia confirme la confiance dans les élections automatisées des Philippines.

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Smartmatic news

Smartmatic launches the Unified Security Platform 19-05-2003

Smartmatic, officially announced the launching of its Unified Security Platform (USP).

Smartmatic news

Scanda Groups is incorporated to Smartmatic's channels 27-04-2003

Smartmatic formalized a marketing agreement with the Mexican company Inster, specialized in voice, data and image convergence networks.

Smartmatic news

Smartmatic develops a prototype for electoral automation 02-04-2003

Smartmatic officially presented its prototype for election automation, based on their ultra-safe device networking technology.

Smartmatic news

IBM Mexico becomes a sales and services channel of Smartmatic 17-03-2003

IBM signed an agreement with Smartmatic to market its physical security solutions in the Americas.

Smartmatic news

Cestek and Smartmatic align business strategies 26-11-2002

Smartmatic and Cestek Dimeyco Sistemas, formalized in this city a joint venture for providing services to Santander-Serfin Bank.