Les Philippins apprécient leur système électoral


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Une enquête de Pulse Asia confirme la confiance dans les élections automatisées des Philippines.

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Smartmatic launches a new platform for ultrasafe device-networking 05-03-2001

Smartmatic officially presented its ultra-safe device connectivity platform, Smartmatic 1.0.

Smartmatic news

Smartmatic inaugurated new headquarters in Boca Raton 17-11-2000

Smartmatic opened a new office to carry out its financial, sales, manufacturing quality control, and support activities.

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Smartmatic launches the new applications server 03-08-2000

Smartmatic launched the Smartmatic Applications Server, SAS, for a wide range of automation services and facility management.

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Microsoft awards Smartmatic for technological innovation 15-07-2000

Smartmatic was recognized as one of Microsoft's Top Five Packaged Application Partners of the Year.

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SIA granted Smartmatic the 'Security Industry's Finest' award 10-06-2000

The Security Industry Association of the United States (SIA) gave its Security Industry's Finest award to Smartmatic.